Friday, July 10, 2009

Patch for Error 2378

Have you ever received the Internal Error 2378 message? It appears because of the damage of Windows Script Host (WSH) , even possible that it is corrupted. WSH is an automation tecnology for Microsoft Windows. It is used for some purposes like logon scripts, administration and general automation. Here are the steps to download the patch:
  • Make sure that you have an authentic version of Windows, because Microsoft will validate your Windows before downloading the patch
  • Visit The Microsoft Download Support page and search for: Windows Script 5.6 for Windows XP and Windows 2000
  • Under the yellow page, choose your estimated download time
  • Select the type of connection you are using
  • At the bottom of the yellow box, you can choose the language package you would like to download
  • Next to the "Validation Recquired" statement, there's a "Continue" button. Click it.
  • Restart you computer after The Installation has completed
  • Try to reinstall the software that gave you the error, if the message does not appear anymore, that means the patch is successfully worked.


  1. WOW! i have found your blog very helpful i will be refering back to it again.. right now we are having error windows popping up all over the place. Here are just a few of our errors that are popping up. Error 0, error 1, error 13, error 461, error 762, error 240, error 59, error 44, error 16, error 38, error 41, error 471019130. that is just to name a few. Can you help please? And when we try to defrag it says check disc? how do we do that? is there a quick fix?

  2. thank for this blog this could be of help to me hehehhe i will just visit your blog from time to time,,,

  3. Very useful blog. Will visit it again. Keep up the good work.