Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blocking An Account Automatically

There are many ways for a crackers to break your account, such as a brute force method. In this method , a cracker tries to combine characters, letter and numbers to break your user account, or guessing various words in dictionary, or breaking your account directly through the weakness of system.
In Windows 7, There is a way to reduce an account breaking by locking the account. A locking is done automatically after user gives incorrect password for several times.
These are the steps to activate this feature:
1. Start_then type "secpol.msc" in Searching box
2. Local Security Policy Editor will be opened, go to Account Policies and choose Account Lockout Policy
3. Right click Account lockout thereshold and choose properties
4. Add amount of "invalid logon" from default 0 to higher number. If you enter "3" then the user account will be blocked after the user give a wrong password 3 times
5. OK to save change

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