Monday, May 31, 2010

Adding Virtual Drive on your computer

There's an utility for Windows XP that allows you to play ISO files. That is Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel V2.0.11. You can download it in This supports Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition, then do the several ways:
Extract the files to your %systemroot%system32\drivers folder and double-click the VcdControlTool.exe and
click Driver Control. Click the Install Driver button and navigate to the %systemroot%system32\drivers folder
and choose VcdRom.sys and click Open and Start and OK.
Click Add drive in order to add a virtual drive letter. A virtual drive letter will appear.
Choose Mount to mount your ISO image to the virtual drive letter. Now you can enjoy your Virtual
choose Eject |Remove Drive | Driver Control| Stop | Remove Driver | OK, when you want to stop playing
with Virtual CD-ROM.


  1. I have used this before, though not in a long time. Every once and a while I would have an ISO file that I wasn't going to use more than once so burning it to disc was simply useless. Great tip.

  2. I guess Magic ISO would work better to extract the ISO files? or would you like to suggest something else for this? Very well explained...I will experiment it today and will keep you posted...Thanks..

  3. omg this is not what I was looking for. anyways I need help Harrab. I have no partitions in my harddisk and now I want to install some game stuff but I dont want to mess with C: so do you have any idea how to make a partition without formatting/loosing the whole data

  4. sorry michelle for my late answer, I'm back now after sick, try the latest PARTITION MAGIC, u can make partition savely.